Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Snow it!!! :)

Yes, we had more snow!!! :) 4 inches!!! We got 2 snow days out of it :) heehee :) I love snow days!!! oh! in the pics below the placemats and table-runner were lovingly made for me by my wonderful mom! :) love ya mom!! I found the template here - - and I emailed it to her, and she surprised me with them for Valentine's Day :) She's the bestest! Here's some fun pics we took....

 my first snow angel ever!!! :)

 I look like Wendy! or Pippi Longstocking!

caleb was playing with my camera :)
yummy strawberry cupcakes!!! :)


  1. I agree with Susie! Ya'll are darling!!! :-) Love you guys! miss you!!!

  2. ya'll are so cute in the snow :)
    ---emily anderson