Monday, January 24, 2011

Our NEW Car!!! to us :)

So...2 wks ago..when we had all that snow? Caleb & I totalled our car....on the bypass....we hit some ice and our car started fishtailing and then spun around and hit the median/guardrail...thankfully we weren't hurt! but our poor car :'( Thank the Lord Caleb had collision coverage, so we got a nice check after his insurance declared our car "totalled" :) We were able to get this amazing 2002 Toyota Camry :) Its in amazing condition...the previous owners took imaculate care of the car! Thank you Lord!!! :) here's some pics...


  1. What a beautiful car! Isn't God soo good - ALL the time! And I love the pics you took of Caleb - I like the last one best! We love you guys and miss you!

  2. Yes He is!!! thanks! love and miss you too!

  3. So sorry you guys had an accident but so glad God blessed you guys with this car! So happy for you!

    Love you guys!