Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas 2010

Wow...I can't believe it's taken me this long to post Christmas :) Caleb & I had an AMAZING first Christmas!!! I woke him up at 6am saying "Caleb! It's Christmas! It's Christmas! get up!" :-) lol...He told me to go back to sleep ;) we finally got up around 7:30...we opened our stockings first :) then we read the Christmas story...then we opened our many presents!!! We had already exchanged gifts with Caleb's parents at Thanksgiving, but we didn't get to see my parents so my mom mailed us 3 boxes with gifts and decorations and other misc things in them :) We had sooo many presents under our tree! We had such a fun time opening gifts ;) We took tons of pics and had sooo much fun! Caleb sat in the middle of our big pile of wrapping paper and kept throwing it all up in the air! lol I got some funny pics of that :) After we opened our gifts, Caleb took a nap (since I had woken him up so while I cooked my first ever Christmas dinner! We had parmesan roasted pork loin, amazing green beans, roasted red potatoes, rolls, and yummy pumpkin cheesecake bread :) It all turned out delicious!!! We had Caleb's manager, Gary, over for dinner :) after he left I tried out my new coffeemaker that Caleb had given me ;) Thanks babe! He also gave me peppermint mocha creamer! my fave!!! :) My mom had sent me chocolate covered peppermint marshmallows! So, I had to add 2 of them to my coffee ;) amazing!!! :)
 well....finally....the pics you've all been waiting :)

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