Monday, January 24, 2011

Caleb's senior pics...

Here's some pics I took of Caleb the other day :) I'm not posting all of them b/c I want to be able to use some for invitations and other things :) here they are.....

Our NEW Car!!! to us :)

So...2 wks ago..when we had all that snow? Caleb & I totalled our car....on the bypass....we hit some ice and our car started fishtailing and then spun around and hit the median/guardrail...thankfully we weren't hurt! but our poor car :'( Thank the Lord Caleb had collision coverage, so we got a nice check after his insurance declared our car "totalled" :) We were able to get this amazing 2002 Toyota Camry :) Its in amazing condition...the previous owners took imaculate care of the car! Thank you Lord!!! :) here's some pics...

Monday, January 10, 2011

More snow pics!!!

 playing halo... :)

 Jordan sleeping in the crib my dad made :) we're letting them borrow it :)

 we finally get to go home!!! :)

 sooo excited to go home!!!

 gorgeous Lake Hamilton!

 lol....ya think?!

 poor truck didn't make it down the hill...

 finally! our apts!!!

 home sweet home!!!

 on our way to Mcds...


We had snow here!!! almost 8 inches!!!! :) it started yesterday around 12:30...we left mt ida at 3:15 and what usually is only a 45 min drive took us an hour and 45 min!!! the snow was coming down so hard by the time we got back to hot springs that we went to our pastor's house instead of ours because there is no way we could have made it home....too many arkansas drivers who have no idea how to drive in the snow! lol...there were so many people who got stuck right in front of us b/c they made stupid trying to go up a steep :) our car is parked at the bottom of the hill right before our pastor's house...we had to walk up the hill to his truck, and then drive the last block to his house. so we spent the night here last night :) I had no work today!! but Caleb might have to go in...if we can even get to our he just went outside to check the roads and he said its like a skating rink! so we might be here a while :) here's some pics from yesterday and today! :)

 the truck almost up the hill ended up getting stuck...the truck right in front of us is our pastor's truck...he made it....we tried but we also got stuck halfway up..
 so pastor chance came back down the hill to rescue us! :) he tried going up the hill too...but we had no he backed us down and parked our car at the bottom of the hill...then we walked up to his truck
 that's the pretty pattern we made in the snow trying to get our car up the
 bye car!!! be safe!! :) lol

 i love snuggling with baby jordan!!! (chance & carrie's son) he's 2 1/2 wks old :)

these pics are from this morning...

 the guys chillin...
 there's carrie!!!
hi caleb! :)

 our poor car...caleb said its caked with ice....
 look how deep the snow is!!!