Friday, December 17, 2010

My classroom Christmas party :)

Today was classroom Christmas party day :) It was fun :) instead of doing a gift exchange, all the kids (aka the parents) got a gift "for the class" other words it stays in the classroom and is used for the class :) It was a good idea :) our class got 3 movies! and a ton of playdough :) and some little books :) very fun :) here's some pics :)

My hubby & me :)

Heehee :) I love taking pics with my hubby  :) he's such a :) He took me to see Narnia - Voyage of the Dawn Treader on Thursday...(he wasn't too impressed but that's a whole nother story ;)  He also came to my classroom Christmas party today :) the kids love their "Mr. Caleb" ;) so here's some pics of me and my hubby....and i'll post another post with pics from the Christmas party :) love embracing the camera thursdays ;) (yes I know it's friday.....but I couldn't get online yesterday! i was watching narnia! lol)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Josh & Callie's Wedding :)

Today our friends, Josh Harris & Callie Gifford, got married! woohoo! Caleb was in the wedding :) He looked dashing ;) Her colors were red and brown.....her wedding was gorgeous :) now..these pics were edited (by me :) and the effects I used turned the color red to an antique pink :) lol....I'll post an original so you can see her actual colors....but I loved the way these pics turned out :) the picture of the flower girls' shoes is my absolute favorite!!! :)

this is an original pic :) the guys wore red shirts and brown suits....and the flower girls wore red dresses...everyone else was in brown :)