Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving in Geneseo :)

Caleb & I were blessed to be able to go to Geneseo to his parents' house for Thanksgiving :) We brought 2 other college kids with us who also live there :) Wesley & Brianna....So we started our road trip after Wesley's basketball game in Conway :) It was a fun trip :) Brianna & I slept most of the way....heehee :) We got to Geneseo around 4:45am on Wednesday :) after visiting with Caleb's parents for a few minutes, we went to sleep around 6 and got up around 9:30....and also took a nap that afternoon :) We got to meet Caleb's nephew Benjamin! He was born right before our wedding, so we hadn't gotten to meet him yet...he's soooo adorable!!! :) We've had a great and relaxing time here :) 2 more days of vacation! then we have to go home :( lol..... :) On Thursday, we did Christmas with Grandma Prenevost before everyone came over for Thanksgiving dinner....Then Uncle Brien, Aunt Judy, and Jamie & Nathan came over (Dad P's brother and fam)....then we had Thanksgiving dinner :) Grandma J (mom p's mom) also came over :)  Here's some pics :)

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