Friday, October 15, 2010


Currently I'm sitting in "my corner" of Caleb's McDs :) and I have awesome news! They have taken Happy Meals "out of the box"! They now come in buckets! lol :) cute idea for halloween.... :) It's Mr & Mrs Potato Head and you get stickers to decorate them with :)

Caleb gets off in 2 hrs! yay! update.....we have been doing Amazingly well :) God is good! He has been, is, and always will be taking excellent care of us :) We are planning on going to Caleb's parents' house in Geneseo for Thanksgiving! yay! and hopefully Brianna and Wesley will get to go with us so they can be with their respective families for Thanksgiving :) My parents might come down a week or so before Christmas to spend a few days with us, or they might wait till Spring Break and just fly us up there! :) (San Diego) On Oct. 25th, I am actually changing my hrs at the daycare from 9:30-5:30 to 7:15-3:15! I will be the teacher for the 2yr old classroom! My new hours also mean Caleb will never be late to class again! Yay!!! lol :) Here's a pic of my classroom :)

The previous teacher is now going to be doing the baby room :) She loves babies and will do great in there! I'm not finished updating my room I'll post more pics later as I finish up making it my room :)
Well....that's about all I can think of right now :) Love Y'all! Please leave comments! That's the only way I know if anybody actually looks at my posts :)


  1. Hey Em!! So glad to hear you guys are doing great! Wish you lived on this side of the US so I could see you guys! I am going to Denver for Christmas and may see Jeff and Julie!

  2. Hey Emilee.
    I've tried about a million times to
    get on to your blog since you sent me
    the address but the computer I use is picky
    so today was the first time I ever got to see it! I loved the pictures of Levi:)