Thursday, October 21, 2010

Caleb is sooooo Romantic!!! :)

So my Caleb was off work today :) and he decided to plan a surprise date for me! He went home around 1pm and I didn't get off till 5:30.....So he had a lot of time to plan his surprise ;) My friend Mary took me home, so when I got home Caleb opened the door and welcomed me home :) He had cleaned the house, and moved our table (which used to be up against the kitchen counter) in front of our living room window :)
He made me dinner :) and he waited on me hand and foot! lol he wouldn't even let me get up to get more to drink :) he had to do it :) He was soo cute! Then after dinner we went on a walk, then came back for oreos and milk :) yummy! Then we watched "How to Train Your Dragon" :) It was a fun night :) 

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