Friday, September 17, 2010

Life update :)

  Wow....I have not updated in forever! Sorry! Well, Caleb had been enjoying school so far :) He is taking 15 credits...which means he will only have 11 credits left to take next semester, then he graduates!!! Woohoo!!! :) I am enjoying my 9:30-5:30 job at Little Champs Childcare :) I am Assistant Supervisor from 9:30-2:30, then I switch into Supervisor mode ;) Its fun, but I am on my feet alot....currently I am looking for some new shoes to wear to work! The only shoes I have make my feet hurt like crazy at the end of the day....and make my ankles swell up really bad.... The other night my left ankle looked like it was broken....that's how swollen it was! lol...
  Caleb has been taking excellent care of me ;) Monday he surprised me by cleaning the whole house before he went to work! He vacuummed, folded the laundry, did the dishes....he's amazing!!! and he left me a note (which he sprayed with his cologne ;) saying how much he loved me! I was sooo surprised when I got home! I went to see him at work and bragged on him to all his coworkers ;) lol :) I am currently at McDs right now....he gets off in 2 1/2 hrs :)
  Oh! and our friend Jordan emailed us some pics today from the college play Caleb was in the week before we got married :) In the play he is a prince from Pottslavia who is going on a single's cruise to try to find a new queen....well it was like the weekend before our wedding and I told him he had already found his queen ;) lol! the other guy in the pics is his "butler" lol :) here's some pics!

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