Monday, August 9, 2010


Sorry I haven't updated in so long! lol After Caleb got out of the hospital on saturday we had to have a follow-up visit with Dr. Gardial on Monday. He said all his blood counts were up and getting better! So we went home and were very glad he was getting better... The curious thing is the whole time Caleb was sick before and in the hospital he never had a sore which is why they weren't sure if he had Mono or not....well after he got out of the hospital he finally developed a sore throat! lol :) So we took him back to Dr. Gardial on Tuesday to show him his sore throat.....Dr. Gardial almost started laughing when he saw us back :) He looked in Caleb's throat and was like yep! it's Mono! lol :) So he told him to go home and rest :) He kept him on the antibiotic for the tick fever though...just in is his first day back to work....he had to work 4-12:30.... :( Pray for him! He is off tomorrow and wednesday...then has to work 4-12:30 thursday, friday, and saturday :( He is going to be sooo tired! Pray that God will give him strength.....Thanks! Love Y'all! :)

Caleb being silly in the doctor's office :)

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