Thursday, August 12, 2010

God is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

God is absolutely AMAZING!!!! Two days ago God blessed us with a major financial blessing!!! First a lady from the church in Mt. Ida drove all the way down to the daycare to bring me a card! It was for me and Caleb b/c he's been sick....the card had almost $300 in it!! I called Caleb and started crying... :) We praised God for awhile on the phone :) Then, after Caleb picked me up from work later that day...we checked our mail...2 ladies from his church back in Geneseo had mailed us cards! One had $25 in it and the other had $100 in it!!! God is AMAZING!!!!! Later that night Caleb took me on a wonderful date! :) We had an excellent dinner at Applebee's :) Love Y'all!

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  1. So glad God has blessed you like this! He is AMAZING that way! Love you girl!