Monday, August 16, 2010

Blessing at Mcds :)

Our friend Jacob got back into town on Saturday :) He invited Caleb & I to go out to eat with him, his fam, and two other friends at Don Juan's for dinner :) Caleb had to work but I went...They wanted to see Caleb so after dinner we all went to Mcds :) He got on break right as we got there! Jacob's mom is amazing at cutting hair....and Caleb's hair had gotten amazingly so she gave him a quick haircut on his the Mcds parking lot! ;) We had a great time fellowshipping :) After Caleb went back to work, she offered to give me a haircut also! I was ecstatic! I have been needing my hair cut for forever! lol :) So Caleb & I both got our hair cut in the parking lot of Mcds! for free! God loves us! :) Here's some pics :) The little boy is Jacob's brother Levi :) Love Y'all!

Me & Levi at Don Juan's :)

Mrs. Fisher cutting Caleb's hair :)

Levi wearing Caleb's hat :)

Almost done.....look at all that hair!

Lookin Sharp! :)

My turn! :)

She cut like 6 inches off my hair! :) Yay!!!!

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