Saturday, July 31, 2010

Praise the Lord!!!

Well this morning started out with Caleb not feeling as great as yesterday....he was kinda he didn't eat his breakfast except for his applesauce. He slept till a little after 9am....then after he ate his applesauce, we had some more visitors from church :) After they left he took a shower and I got a wheelchair so I could take him for a stroll down the hallway :) after his shower we got him situated in the wheelchair with a nice quilt on his lap and off we went! :) Down the hall a ways there's a lobby area with chairs and a tv....we had just gone past that when we met his parents coming up the other hallway from the entrance :) They were pleasantly surprised to see him out of his room :) After our little stroll we hung out for awhile with his parents, then they left to get some stuff from walmart... While they were gone a nurse came in and asked if he was ready to go home! :) She had his discharge papers :) So she unhooked his IV and I called his dad and told him we could go home :) Caleb got dressed in normal clothes ;) Then his parents came and nurse Christy wheeled him down to the car while Mom P. and I carried the rest of our stuff out :) We got back home and Mom & Dad P. surprised us with a new table and chairs, a new shelf system in the pantry, 2 new bookshelves, and an amazingly clean apartment :) and a stocked refrigerator! They are amazing! Caleb showed his dad how to play his new Toy Story 3 game :) They had fun :) Then Mom & Dad put their stuff in the van and said goodbye :( They had to get back in time for church tomorrow night because Dad leads the choir and had to be back for practice....We were sooo thankful they came up and stayed the whole time Caleb was in the hospital :) Love you Mom & Dad!!! Well, thanks for all your prayers and support!!! Love Y'all!!! For the next week Caleb has strict orders to stay home and take it easy :) (so pray for me) ;) lol :) Here's some pics!

Our stroll :)

Unhooking his IV... :)

Getting dressed in normal clothes :)

I'm going to miss my bed! lol :)

Excited about going home :)

Caleb & Nurse Christy :) (the same one who took me to the ER)

Made it to the van!

Our matching wristbands :)

Glad to be home :)

Dad P. playing Toy Story 3 :)

Caleb showing him how it's done ;)

Very Very Very Glad to be HOME!!!! :)

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