Saturday, July 31, 2010

My turn....

Well, with Caleb getting all this attention, I was feeling pretty left :) So I decided to get in on the action... (just kidding!) Last week we found out our baby Cadin went to be with Jesus...Thursday my body finally figured that out...I started cramping and bleeding....Friday it got worse, and then my "water" broke....and I started bleeding really they took me to the ER and Mom Prenevost and I sat there for probably an hr and a half waiting to see the doctor... Finally they brought me to a room and I had the same nurse Caleb had Tuesday night when he was in the ER! lol :) but thankfully I didn't have the same doctor ;) I had Dr. Pate and she was amazing! She ordered an HCG test on my blood, an ultrasound, and then she did a pelvic exam.... Through all that they found out I had passed everything naturally, and the reason I was bleeding so heavy and still cramping was because there was some tissue stuck in my she removed that and the bleeding slowed way down and I felt much better :) She discharged me and I was able to go back up to Caleb's room :) I hadn't eaten since lunch and by the time all this was over it was almost nurse Christa brought me a sandwich and some cookies :) She is awesome :) Caleb and I fell asleep watching "Whose Line Is It Anyways?" lol :) Its a show where the emcee reads a card and these four people have to totally adlib the whole thing. It was hilarious :) Now I'm not advertising for it because I'm not sure if all the episodes are "clean" lol...but this one was pretty funny :) Anyways....we slept great until 7:30 this morning when his IV alarm started beeping very loudly b/c there was a kink in the The nurse came in and fixed it, and then I took a shower and Caleb went back to sleep :) Pray for him today....He's not feeling too good... Last night Dr. Reddy said it looked like Caleb might get to go home today b/c he was improving so much...and he felt great yesterday...but this morning he doesn't :( So please pray! Thanks! Love Y'all!

I txtd Caleb & told him that we matched now! lol ;)

My IV...through which they gave me wonderful pain medicine :)

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