Saturday, July 10, 2010

IHOP Run!!!! Caleb worked from 3-11 on Friday. He got home around 11:30....around 12 he said he was hungry! So we were trying to decide between Taco Bell and IHOP....IHOP won! :) so at 1:00 am we left our apt and went to IHOP! lol :) We had sooo much fun! We had an Amazing meal! I had the appetizer sampler...which is mozzarella sticks and chicken strips and fries :) Caleb had the Split-Decision Breakfast! He ate 2 pancakes, 2 pieces of french toast, 2 eggs, 2 sausages, and 2 strips of bacon!!! Personally I think he's having sympathy pains ;) He ate more than I've ever seen him eat!!! lol :) On our way we pulled into our apt complex...we saw a bunch of smoke! We kept driving and realized someone had set off a smoke bomb inbetween two cars! lol :) Wow....anyways thanks for visiting! Hope you like the pics! :) Love ya!


  1. You KNOW we love some Ihop!!! What photo editor do you use? Love your collage shots!

  2. lol Caleb took those on his phone! his phone has cool pic frames! :)