Saturday, July 31, 2010

Praise the Lord!!!

Well this morning started out with Caleb not feeling as great as yesterday....he was kinda he didn't eat his breakfast except for his applesauce. He slept till a little after 9am....then after he ate his applesauce, we had some more visitors from church :) After they left he took a shower and I got a wheelchair so I could take him for a stroll down the hallway :) after his shower we got him situated in the wheelchair with a nice quilt on his lap and off we went! :) Down the hall a ways there's a lobby area with chairs and a tv....we had just gone past that when we met his parents coming up the other hallway from the entrance :) They were pleasantly surprised to see him out of his room :) After our little stroll we hung out for awhile with his parents, then they left to get some stuff from walmart... While they were gone a nurse came in and asked if he was ready to go home! :) She had his discharge papers :) So she unhooked his IV and I called his dad and told him we could go home :) Caleb got dressed in normal clothes ;) Then his parents came and nurse Christy wheeled him down to the car while Mom P. and I carried the rest of our stuff out :) We got back home and Mom & Dad P. surprised us with a new table and chairs, a new shelf system in the pantry, 2 new bookshelves, and an amazingly clean apartment :) and a stocked refrigerator! They are amazing! Caleb showed his dad how to play his new Toy Story 3 game :) They had fun :) Then Mom & Dad put their stuff in the van and said goodbye :( They had to get back in time for church tomorrow night because Dad leads the choir and had to be back for practice....We were sooo thankful they came up and stayed the whole time Caleb was in the hospital :) Love you Mom & Dad!!! Well, thanks for all your prayers and support!!! Love Y'all!!! For the next week Caleb has strict orders to stay home and take it easy :) (so pray for me) ;) lol :) Here's some pics!

Our stroll :)

Unhooking his IV... :)

Getting dressed in normal clothes :)

I'm going to miss my bed! lol :)

Excited about going home :)

Caleb & Nurse Christy :) (the same one who took me to the ER)

Made it to the van!

Our matching wristbands :)

Glad to be home :)

Dad P. playing Toy Story 3 :)

Caleb showing him how it's done ;)

Very Very Very Glad to be HOME!!!! :)

My turn....

Well, with Caleb getting all this attention, I was feeling pretty left :) So I decided to get in on the action... (just kidding!) Last week we found out our baby Cadin went to be with Jesus...Thursday my body finally figured that out...I started cramping and bleeding....Friday it got worse, and then my "water" broke....and I started bleeding really they took me to the ER and Mom Prenevost and I sat there for probably an hr and a half waiting to see the doctor... Finally they brought me to a room and I had the same nurse Caleb had Tuesday night when he was in the ER! lol :) but thankfully I didn't have the same doctor ;) I had Dr. Pate and she was amazing! She ordered an HCG test on my blood, an ultrasound, and then she did a pelvic exam.... Through all that they found out I had passed everything naturally, and the reason I was bleeding so heavy and still cramping was because there was some tissue stuck in my she removed that and the bleeding slowed way down and I felt much better :) She discharged me and I was able to go back up to Caleb's room :) I hadn't eaten since lunch and by the time all this was over it was almost nurse Christa brought me a sandwich and some cookies :) She is awesome :) Caleb and I fell asleep watching "Whose Line Is It Anyways?" lol :) Its a show where the emcee reads a card and these four people have to totally adlib the whole thing. It was hilarious :) Now I'm not advertising for it because I'm not sure if all the episodes are "clean" lol...but this one was pretty funny :) Anyways....we slept great until 7:30 this morning when his IV alarm started beeping very loudly b/c there was a kink in the The nurse came in and fixed it, and then I took a shower and Caleb went back to sleep :) Pray for him today....He's not feeling too good... Last night Dr. Reddy said it looked like Caleb might get to go home today b/c he was improving so much...and he felt great yesterday...but this morning he doesn't :( So please pray! Thanks! Love Y'all!

I txtd Caleb & told him that we matched now! lol ;)

My IV...through which they gave me wonderful pain medicine :)

Friday, July 30, 2010


I know I've already posted these pics but I made a smilebox and wanted to share it :)

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Good News :)

Caleb is feeling much better this morning :) His temp is 98 :) his blood pressure is good :) his blood work came back good :) The doctor said he can go home as soon as he doesnt need the IV to supplement his food and drink....basically as soon as his appetite is back to normal and he is drinking enough to stay hydrated :) so PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!! :) Thanks for your prayers and please keep praying !!! My guess is we'll be here at least through Sunday :) Love Y'all!

Caleb eating breakfast :)

Sweethearts :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Update on Caleb :)'s the scoop on Caleb :) Tuesday we went to see Dr. Gardial for a checkup after the ER visit Monday night...his white blood count was still low and he still wasn't feeling good...the nurse gave him a shot of Rocephan in his rear ;) lol Caleb said that was quite an :) So then we went home and he tried to sleep.....around 4:30 I woke Caleb up and took his temp and it was 102.6 ...I called Dr. Gardial's nurse, Michelle, and asked her what I should do...she said if it didn't get below 100 in a few minutes (b/c he had just woken up) to take him back to the after about 15 minutes I took it again and it was 102.4 my boss, Vanessa, took us to the ER when she got off at 5:30....When the nurse at the ER took his temp it was 103 she gave him some tylonel and we waited for the doctor. We had Dr. Drake... :( lol We didn't like him too much...He disregarded everything the doctors had said the night before and said he just needed to go home and take tylonel and motrin for his fever....well we were sick of going back and forth to the ER and the doctor's office and getting mixed answers so we asked for Caleb to be admitted to the hospital until they figured out what was wrong with him and how to treat him...Dr. Drake said that he would do it if that's what we wanted but that was going to cost us thousands and thousands of dollars and not to blame him when we got the bill. lol...I was that close to telling to be quiet and just admit sorry I know...not a very Christian-like attitude....anyways he admitted him to the hospital. Sidenote: while we were waiting for Dr. Drake, the fire alarm went off! lol We were like oh no! I guess something had happened on the second floor of the hospital...anyways after about 2 minutes they turned it off and said everything was ok :) lol! ... He was taken to his room at around ten o'clock. His nurses were Christy and Christa :) They were very nice :) Their shift was from 7pm - 7am...They took his temp and blood pressure and got all his paperwork filled out and gave him some meds...and they got a sleeper chair for me :) heehee :) We tried to sleep...but it was a new place and different surroundings so it was kinda hard that the nurses have to come in every 2 hours to check on him and see how his temp I think all in all we got about 4 hrs of sleep....When we woke up we met his new nurses, Leah and Brittany. Their shift is from 7am-7pm...Brittany was very nice...Leah was nice but very business like....not to big on bedside Around 8 or 9am I got a txt from caleb's mom asking if we wanted any company! Then 2 minutes later they walked in the door! They had driven all night (12 hrs) from Illinois! I was sooo thankful they were here! :) So we spent some time catching them up on everything that had happened the night before.....then Vanessa came by to take me to my apt so I could pack a back since I didn't know how long he would be in the hospital and I'm staying with him until he gets out...
We also had alot of visitors from church yesterday :) First Br. Kemp came by, then Mrs. Carolann Capaci, then Br. Dave Chittum...then we had a break for awhile...His parents are going to stay at our apt b/c i'm staying here at the hospital with Caleb, so they left to get some rest b/c they had been up all night driving... it was around lunchtime so I went down to the cafeteria to get some lunch...Wow! are they ever overpriced! lol it cost me almost $7 for 3 chicken tenders, some fries, and a drink! at least it was good! lol :) His parents came back for a few hrs and then went back to the apt for the night....We finally got to meet the doctor here, Dr. Gardner...He's very nice :) He said it looked like Caleb just had a really bad case of Mono and that since there really was no treatment for Mono they basically were just going to keep Caleb comfortable until he felt better. He is on an antibiotic and he has an IV in his arm...they have him on a bag of electrolytes and some other stuff to keep him hydrated since he's having a hard time eating and drinking.....he can keep it down he just doesn't really have an appetite and is still nauseous... So pass the time we watched some tv for friend Katie came by and brought me Chik-fil-A! Thanks Katie!.... then a little while later the Pittmans came by to see us :) They visited for awhile...after they left Caleb finally fell asleep....a little while later the Johnstons came by, but they didn't stay long b/c he was asleep :) We were very thankful for all our visitors :) We truly are loved by our church family :) Last night his nurses were Kathy and Marx. Kathy was very sweet....kinda grandmotherly :) Marx was from West Africa and he was hilarious :) He told us all about how when he first came here it was a total culture shock! He said in West Africa they think America is how it's portrayed in movies...always alot of violence and everyone has a gun and there's shooting (westerns)...he said he was shocked by how nice Americans were! lol :) He also said when he first got here, his plane landed in Chicago, and when he got off the plane he almost went back home b/c it was sooo cold! lol :) We had fun talking with him :) Today his nurses are Amy and Sarah :) Amy is sweet and has a major southern drawl....Sarah is quiet and we've only seen her a few times so far....Today is a good day though :) Dr. Gardner stopped by around 6:30 this morning and said his white blood counts were up and his platelets were up :) He said it looked like he was taking a turn for the better :) So thanks for your prayers! They are definitely helping! He slept alot last night, and he actually just fell back asleep :) He's snoring right now :) His parents left to get some lunch and should be back soon :) Thanks soooo much for all you love and prayers!!! God is in control :) Love Y'all!

Vanessa stayed with us awhile in the ER...

Snuggled up b/c they keep it like 55 degrees in the ER! lol

He didn't want his picture taken ;)

Pizza Pringles! They're amazing! lol :) Caleb's manager Roger brought them by Tuesday night :) Caleb actually ate a couple :) He loves them!

His room has a bathroom and a shower in it :) So yesterday morning I was able to take a shower and felt greatly refreshed! :) (I took one this morning :)

I told Caleb he wasn't allowed to lose his smile :)

All snuggled up with the bear I got him at the gift shop :) heehee :)

Eating a cheeseburger :)

Finally sleeping :) (right

Monday, July 26, 2010


Have you ever heard the children's song, "On a Day like this, O Lord help me!" ? Because today was totally one of those days! lol :) Caleb had gone to see Dr. Gardial on Friday because he had a fever, was nauseous,had a bad headache, and was dizzy. Dr. Gardial couldn't figure out what was wrong with him so he gave him medicine for his nausea and told him to take ibuprofen or tylonel for his fever. He said if he got worse instead of better to come back in. So, today we went back in! Over the weekend he got even more nauseous,still had a headache, and his fever wouldn't go away... Dr. Gardial did some more bloodwork, and wanted to admit him to the hospital! yay... He said he wanted to do a spinal tap to see if Caleb had syphyllus or he sent him to the ER to Dr. Grisham. So our friend Roger drove us to the ER, and we sat there for about an hour waiting to see Dr. Grisham. Finally we got to see her, and she said it sounded like tick fever, not the other two things that Dr. Gardial thought, so she didn't do a spinal tap. Instead she started from scratch and ran every test under the sun except for a pregnancy test! lol :) They had an IV in his arm...they gave him a whole bag of stuff to hydrate him and then they gave him two different antibiotics. He had more blood taken, he had a CT scan, an Xray, and an Ultrasound... They said his Liver and his Spleen were enlarged, and they weren't sure they told him to take it easy the next few days and gave him an antibiotic for his fever and medicine for his headaches...and we got to go home! finally! We started out the morning with a 10:00am appt. with Dr. Gardial, and got home around 6:30pm.....but Praise the Lord we finally made it home! :) and Praise the Lord for friends like Roger, Vanessa, and Katie! Vanessa gave us a ride to Dr. Gardial's office this morning because Caleb was too dizzy to drive, Roger drove us to the ER and stayed with us for a couple of hours, and Katie made sure I had some lunch and dinner and took us home from the ER and to Walmart to get his prescriptions filled! Thanks!!!! So please pray for Caleb that this medicine will make him all better within the next few days, and that the Lord will provide a way to help us financially.... Thanks! Love Y'all!

Waiting in the ER...

Finally in a room...waiting for the doctor...

His wonderful IV...

Hi mom! :)

Ker Plunk!

Last night Caleb and I were totally bored with just sitting around doing so we pulled out all of Caleb's old games and he taught me how to play some of them :) He taught me how to play Ker Plunk! and MasterMind :) It was fun :) Here's a pic of Ker Plunk! :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Day Before You

So last night my dad calls me and leaves me a voicemail saying to check my He put the video of Caleb singing to me on our wedding day on Youtube! :) So I had to put it on the blog :) Enjoy!

The Day Before You

Saturday, July 24, 2010

What's in a name?

So last night Caleb and I talked about it and decided to name our baby :) Obviously we don't know if our baby was a boy or a girl, so we picked a name that could be either. We chose Cadin Michael Prenevost :) Cadin could be a boy or girl's name, and we chose Michael because we wanted a middle name and that's Caleb's middle name :)

Cadin Michael Prenevost

Thursday, July 22, 2010

God is in control....

Hey Everyone....just wanted to let y'all know whats going on.... The sad news I posted about yesterday? Well, here it is....Our little booger beat us to Jesus :) I went in for my second ultrasound on Tuesday...we were sooo excited because we were going to get to hear the baby's heartbeat! But, as the lady was doing the ultrasound, I noticed that neither she nor Caleb were fact they both looked concerned....she had the monitor turned so I couldn't see it, so I didn't know what was going on. Then she asked me if I had had any spotting or bleeding, and I said "No." She turned on the speaker to see if we could hear the heartbeat, and there was nothing....There was no movement, no heartbeat, nothing...She said I'm 11 wks along so baby should be measuring 11 wks, but baby was only measuring 9 it looks like baby's heart stopped beating two wks ago....She left the room so Caleb and I could have some time alone....We held each other and wept for a few minutes...then Teresa (the nurse-practictioner) came in and talked to us about what happens next.....I thank God for Teresa :) She has been the nicest and most encouraging lady through this whole ordeal. She gave me a hug and I asked if she could check again Thursday (today) before we did anything else, and she said of course! So this morning she checked again, and it was still the same. I'm going to let everything happen naturally, so please be in prayer that there are no complications... Caleb & I are doing okay.....yesterday and Tuesday were the hardest days so far...but we know God is in control and He knows what is best :) So, please keep us in your prayers, and we love y'all!

This song has helped me alot these past few days....I love the part where she says "You're greater than my yesterdays, You hold me close today, You're the Lord of my tomorrows, my heart will always say." I hope you get a blessing from this y'all!

The song is "Mercy" by Casting Crowns...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some much needed R&R :)

Caleb took me to see Despicable Me last night in 3D :) It was hilarious! We both needed that lift to our spirits :) Then he took me downtown to the place where he proposed to me :) We had a great time walking and talking about stuff :) Always remember, no matter what, enjoy the little things in lfe...enjoy each other....and always love God no matter what! :)

Through the storm, God is good!

Yesterday was a hard day.....I'm not ready to post why it was hard yet...but in a few days I will.....but even though it was a hard day, God showed He is there no matter what! Just look at this picture....even through the darkest cloud, the light shines through! and the darker the cloud, the brighter the light shines! Isn't that how God is in our lives? The darker the storm in our lives, the brighter HE shines!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wedding pics :)

Ok so I know I've been married over 2 months now....but I still LOVE looking at my wedding pics! lol :) that's ok right? :)'s some my friend Robin took at the lakehouse that I think are absolutely Amazing!!! :) and I knew most of you hadn't seen them before so I wanted to share them :) Love You!