Friday, June 25, 2010

Our Newest Addition....

So....on Memorial Day Caleb & I definitely had something to celebrate! We found out I'm expecting! Yay! Yesterday (June 24th) I had my first doctor's appointment! It was definitely an I had to go through the works! I had to go through a ton of tests and paperwork and other miscellanious things, but it was well worth it! Caleb & I were able to see the baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound! It was beating soooo fast! I read that they beat up to 200 times per minute! The nurse-practictioner said I'm 7 wks yes we are having a honeymoon baby :) lol My estimated due date is February 5th, 2011! Yay! A Sweetheart baby! :) Here's a pic of our little squirt :) and no...the circle is not it's mouth! lol that is the yolk sac which is providing nutrition to the baby. Caleb said if you include the circle that it looks like Eva from Wall-e! He said that's how he KNOWS its a girl! lol :) Love Y'all!

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