Monday, June 28, 2010

Caleb's 21st Birthday!!!! :)

Well yesterday was Caleb's Birthday!!! He turned the big 21!!!! I surprised him with a Toy Story 3 themed birthday :) I decorated our apt in Toy Story 3 and at church in Mt. Ida we had a Toy Story 3 themed breakfast! :) I got Caleb a new shirt and tie for his birthday, and made him his favorite cake! Yellow cake with Chocolate frosting! Yum! Here's some pics!


  1. super awesome ems! i love it!

    ps. i agree with caleb about the girl thing :P

  2. The blog is super cute Em! I love it...Caleb's b-day looked like fun! I'm sad that I missed the party and cake ;) Love and miss you tons! - Meg